Oracle Cloud Rollouts

Completed 50+ enterprise rollouts

Accelerated rollouts using pre-built setups adapters for setups migration

Achieve faster data & setup migrations

Agile, Cost-effective implementations

Support for most localizations

Digital Transformation ready

Our Approach

Rollout of the product used in Head Quarters to other geographies, helps to standardize the operational processes across the multiple regions and reduces the IT spend. Important change management happening in the Head Quarters can be easily propagated to the other regions via software rollouts.
We start with assessment of the current business processes in the branch entities and provide reports to the management team on the processes that can be centralized or localized. Understand the tax and compliance requirements, which are region specific, at the beginning of the project. When companies are expanding through mergers and acquisitions, ChainSys Data Management Products can be used to accelerate the rollouts to the new entities. The Setup Migration features of dataZap Product extracts the configuration from the desired entity and creates the new entity. Automated functional and regression testing are done using ChainSys Smart Bots. The relevant master data, reports, integrations and extensions are provided to the newly created entities.