Oracle Fusion Cloud support, Roll out and Enhancements

Civil Defence Force Company

Oracle Fusion Cloud support, Roll out and Enhancements

Civil Defence Force Company

Client Overview

A Civil Defence Force Company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Co-operative of Singapore. It is managed and staffed by experienced ex-employees of the Singapore Civil Defence Force and other professionals.

Project Scope

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Application AMS Support for 10 diversified legal entities across GLOBE.
  • L1, L2, L3 Support for Oracle Support for the Cloud modules (Financial Hub, Project Financials Management, Project Billing and Contracts, Inventory, Order Management, Purchasing. 
  • Custom Business Functions Support Bank Facility Management Support
  • Salesforce application support for Sales and Service Clouds and Integration between SFDC Sales and Fusion Financial and Distributions modules 


Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud (AP, AR, GL, Fixed Asset and Cash Management), Oracle procurement cloud Release 21C.

Business Situation

  • Short turnaround time for the Rollout
  • Automate the testing for quarterly patch updates and version upgrades.

Key Challenges

  • Managing various types of LPO’s (Service , AMC , Turnkey Projects , Consumables ) in Excel and manual
  • No control of Project Deliveries , Possible for delivery of unbudgeted Items.
  • No control of Project & Sales Order Procurement , Possible for procurement of unbudgeted Items.
  • No control for inventory against projects & Sales Orders .
  • Manual computation of Project P/L and Project Progress.
  • No Systematic tracking for Shared Revenue between multiple Sales person.
  • No Project Approval with in the system with multiple parameters.
  • Short turnaround time for the Rollout
  • Automate the testing for quarterly patch updates and version upgrades.
  • Manual Test case script preparation around 85 useful business cases for all implemented modules


  • Smart BOTS was setup for the Rollout Operations which reduced the timeline and manual intervention in the setup process.
  • Around 85 use case scenarios configured in the Smart BOTS for quarterly patch and version changes.
  • End to End cycle testing for the new BU was performed with Smart BOTS.
  • Incident volumes reduction with standard process set and avoided the user mistakes.
  • Achieved 90% of SLA through complex escalation Metrix.
  • Created PaaS Form to record all LPO’s through system with unique Doc. Seq. for Projects & Sales Orders. 
  • Created PaaS form for Delivering Project Items with multiple validations in the form level.
  • Created Scheduler application exclusively for Integrating Budgeted Project Items from SaaS to PaaS in regular intervals.
  • Created PaaS Form to Procure Budgeted Items against Projects and Sales Order with Budget validation .
  • Implemented Back to Back sales Orders to have better control over Inventory for Sales Orders and Projects.
  • Project and Budget approvals workflow enabled with multiple parameters upon satisfying dependent values , based on the result, the appropriate approval group will be notified.
  • Project related reports developed to monitor their project progress, Budget Variance, Schedule Variance, Budget Vs Actual,  Project based P/L reports

Business Process Flow


  • Quick Turnaround Timing to receive / process / return / confirmation.
  • Test Case Outputs in PDF and Video from Smart BOTS
  • Play back completed for Entity within a short span of time.
  • Made easy for User Acceptance Testing Confirmation
  • Smart BOT helped to achieve the predictable impossible cutover window.
  • Quick upload of Open Transactions and Balance loading
  • Readymade templates across the modules for Setups / Flow
  •  Automated regression testing
  •  Auto Test reports for test cases by module wise
  • Real time Notification triggered to all the concerned for the New LPO’s is achieved.
  • Project to GL Reconciliation Report provides for project wise reconciliation.
  • Reduced Manual entry of Project Items in Delivery form and Procurement form by automating the budgeted Items from SaaS to PaaS.
  • More visibility about the project Revenue and Cost to all the stakeholders while approving the Projects.
  • Able to track various cost and Revenue with reference to Budget Vs Actuals , Budgeted Item Vs Unbudgeted Items and Project wise P/L visibility.


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